Here’s the deal

My name is Allison Barwacz and I am a senior at Ohio University studying Journalism. As a serious homebody (and obsessive animal lover) who easily calls Ohio University a second home, I’ve experienced much of what this school has to offer, along with the “do”s and “don’t”s as an incoming freshman (yes, even the lanyard). I hope to impart much of my knowledge on this wonderful place to you, and I hope you take it with you as you begin your journey. But hey, if not, making mistakes is half the fun, right?

To put it short, I hope to empower freshman with the knowledge required to successfully transition to a student at Ohio University, ranging from quirky advice to some of the more serious issues associated with a large university. With such a diverse community, it’s not hard to find where one belongs: it’s getting there that counts, and I plan to assist new students on their journey to self actualization… or to the next best party.

Get at me: allisonbarwacz [at] gmail [dot] com  -or-  Tweet at me: @abarwacz


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