Best finals week study breaks (that aren’t Facebook or Twitter)

It’s no surprise that the majority of us that need a break from studying automatically check Facebook or Twitter (and happen to find ourselves immersed in a number of relatively worthless, yet entertaining posts for hours on end). Today, study “breaks” are becoming forms of procrastination more so than short mind-clearing activities. So, what better to take a break from staring at our notes, phones and computers than by suppressing ourselves from the media that consumes our lives anyway?

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Battling the end of semester blues (and insane amounts of stress)

We’ve all been there (well except you, freshmen). The countless hours spent at the library, the searing pain in your eyes from staring at a textbook or computer screen all day long, and the burdensome stress accompanied by an overwhelming amount of final projects and tests. Finals week, my friends, is quickly approaching.

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Traveling and interning go hand-in-hand

Traveling out of state for a relatively long period time is a frightening thing (trust me, I know), but it’s definitely a great way to explore your opportunities and maybe even find the place you’d like to live for the rest of your life.

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It’s that time of the year again

The most necessary of all college evils lies in the (borderline unfindable) Student Portal. Here, in coordination with the Ohio website, students spend hour upon hour trying to master the creation of the perfect class schedule.

But is this ever 100% possible before you reach your upperclassmen years?

It can be, as long as students are aware of their resources (and finally come to an understanding of those unnecessarily meticulous DARS reports). The best ways to do this? Here’s how to plan your ideal Spring Semester, free of substandard classes and taxing time constraints.

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Traveling the wOUrld

Traveling and school go hand in hand at Ohio University, and what’s better than (well, besides possibly forking over your life savings) taking advantage of both while in college?

The answer is nothing.

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Social media vs. rape culture: The real problem

As most of us know, the incident on Court Street caused quite a stir, both locally and nationally. However, now that the verdict is in, it’s hard to determine whether the issue at hand is a stigma of rape culture or communal destruction by social media.

….I’m going to go with the latter.

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What sets you apart: Having the upper hand

What makes you so special as a student?

Is it your superb 4.0 GPA, your profound extra-curricular involvement or your simply altogether phenomenal communication skills? Yeah, that stuff’s all good and wonderful and all, but what sets you apart from the other uber-fantastic Renaissance men (and women) out there?

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