Making connections

Scared you won’t get a job when you graduate?

Sure, it’s a problem that most people have- even as freshmen it’s hard to speculate having a real job. Even getting a real job and leaving Athens is almost unimaginable.

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Traveling the wOUrld

Traveling and school go hand in hand at Ohio University, and what’s better than (well, besides possibly forking over your life savings) taking advantage of both while in college?

The answer is nothing.

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Social media vs. rape culture: The real problem

As most of us know, the incident on Court Street caused quite a stir, both locally and nationally. However, now that the verdict is in, it’s hard to determine whether the issue at hand is a stigma of rape culture or communal destruction by social media.

….I’m going to go with the latter.

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A HallOUween necessity

It seems silly to even think about making a post like this, but real talk, the underclassmen (mainly girls) need to know why wearing a jacket is essential on HallOUween weekend. There are not enough ways to express my detestation for cold weather and, more so, people that choose to dress in scandalous clad during the winter (or in this case, pseudo-fall) season, which is why I’ve compiled a list that’ll make even the most promiscuous of people come to terms with their inner celibates.

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The best times you’ll ever have

Homecoming at Ohio University is like Christmas for most alumni. It’s the weekend to return, reminisce and relive the days where they could drink copious amounts of alcohol without sleep and somehow still manage to function with a semi-respectable demeanor (and I say “semi-respectable” very lightly).

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Fit & free of the 15

Staying fit and fine can be relatively difficult in a world of cheap booze and Fuego at Shively, but there are plenty of ways to stay slim and strapping throughout the holiday seasons.

Click here to learn about some active events in Athens throughout the fall season!

It’s the month of 5k’s, which should give you more than enough reasons to go out, stay fit and, in plenty of cases, support charities. Keep in mind that the cold shouldn’t keep you out of the gym, no matter how appealing your fuzzy slippers and watching re-runs of One Tree Hill may sound to you. Or for Halloween’s sake, watching some American Horror Story.

More bang for your buck

Jobless and need a place to take a cheap date? Or just craving a late night buzz (or total inebriation, that’s cool too, I guess)? Here’s how to get a little more bang for your buck (and maybe up your chance of getting Lucky’s… pun intended).

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The bricks have eyes

You’re being watched. And photographed. And publicized.

Every weekend, when you’re in the worst possible state. As your eyeliner streams down your eyes in a trashy trailer-park-like way, as you kiss and fondle that rando at The Crystal, as you trip over the Athens bricks of Court Street in your super-cute platform wedges that you got on sale for $10 at Forever 21. Yeah, they’re watching you. In fact, you’re about to be on @BobcatMakeOUts, so congratulations.

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Avoiding the worst (and most ridiculous) decisions of your college career

We’ve all been there, making mistakes and laughing them off. But what about the ones we don’t talk about? The ones that we are too embarrassed or ashamed to joke about? At a school like this, where the horse cops are as plentiful as red solo cups (okay, maybe not, but still), there are more than enough ways to find yourself in a tight squeeze where your friends can’t save you.

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