Quirky dorm objects you can’t live without (or you just don’t want to)

We all have those strangely quirky objects that, for whatever odd reason, we know we can’t live without. There is no explanation for it, but we feel the indefinite need for these items on a daily basis. They help us cook, clean, work out and whatever other everyday circumstances we happen to find ourselves in. The following items are potential Christmas list material, and they certainly don’t fall short of that list of (semi) necessities we desperately need to survive (okay, I’m being dramatic. This is a serious First World Problem).

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The best times you’ll ever have

Homecoming at Ohio University is like Christmas for most alumni. It’s the weekend to return, reminisce and relive the days where they could drink copious amounts of alcohol without sleep and somehow still manage to function with a semi-respectable demeanor (and I say “semi-respectable” very lightly).

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More bang for your buck

Jobless and need a place to take a cheap date? Or just craving a late night buzz (or total inebriation, that’s cool too, I guess)? Here’s how to get a little more bang for your buck (and maybe up your chance of getting Lucky’s… pun intended).

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The bricks have eyes

You’re being watched. And photographed. And publicized.

Every weekend, when you’re in the worst possible state. As your eyeliner streams down your eyes in a trashy trailer-park-like way, as you kiss and fondle that rando at The Crystal, as you trip over the Athens bricks of Court Street in your super-cute platform wedges that you got on sale for $10 at Forever 21. Yeah, they’re watching you. In fact, you’re about to be on @BobcatMakeOUts, so congratulations.

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Avoiding the worst (and most ridiculous) decisions of your college career

We’ve all been there, making mistakes and laughing them off. But what about the ones we don’t talk about? The ones that we are too embarrassed or ashamed to joke about? At a school like this, where the horse cops are as plentiful as red solo cups (okay, maybe not, but still), there are more than enough ways to find yourself in a tight squeeze where your friends can’t save you.

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The #FugitiveFest rundown

For all you freshman out there, I’m sure you’ve heard of the infamous Fugitive Fest. And, in light of my previous post, take a look at my Storify giving you the rundown. You’ll be proud (or not so proud) of our enticing party school spirit (although we didn’t exactly clinch that number one spot this year…)


If Ohio University shut down like the government did…

According to an article in the New York Times, “Barricades and padlocks closed access to federal facilities across the country Tuesday as the vast machinery of the federal government began systematically shutting down operations for the first time in nearly two decades.”

…As if we didn’t already know that. The real question, however, remains unanswered: What if Ohio University shut down like the government did?

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Coping while home away from home

screen shot 1screen shot tweet 2

All joking (or not) aside, I miss my cat. And my dog. And my parents. Every day.

…and I’m a senior.

So it’s easy to understand that the transition from high school to college is exciting, but, nonetheless, comes with the baggage of homesickness, overwhelming anxiety and the perpetual need for a hot cup of herbal tea (or a cold beer).

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Sober & Uncensored: The Big Mamma’s Burrito

As my first post, I’d like to take things with a little levity in order to familiarize yourself with some of the culture of Athens, even if only about 20 minutes of our Saturday nights are spent waiting in that distressingly long line…

We all know the it’s (quite possibly) the best food ever when we’re out on the town on Saturday night, but have we ever taken a chance to look around (I know, at this point things might be a little blurry) and think: “What else does Big Mamma’s have to offer?”

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