Best finals week study breaks (that aren’t Facebook or Twitter)

It’s no surprise that the majority of us that need a break from studying automatically check Facebook or Twitter (and happen to find ourselves immersed in a number of relatively worthless, yet entertaining posts for hours on end). Today, study “breaks” are becoming forms of procrastination more so than short mind-clearing activities. So, what better to take a break from staring at our notes, phones and computers than by suppressing ourselves from the media that consumes our lives anyway?

Well, there are plenty of strategies that’ll help you manage your time and take a successful break. And even though many of you might find breaks pointless and a way to waste time, you’ve got it wrong. According to an article on Buzzle, taking breaks improves learning ability, relaxes the mind, alleviates ability to focus, enhances information retention and yields better results.

So, check out some of the best ways to take a break and work it to your advantage.

1. Avoid making your “break” a way to procrastinate

As stated earlier, Facebook, Twitter and other social media (almost always) tend to grab our attention spans for longer than we planned. For once, avoid social media and television. Give your eyes and head a break from that glowing computer or iPhone screen.

2. Try something new

Once the information you’re studying starts to blur (and your stomach starts to growl), take a chance to try something new. Reward yourself Uptown by getting dinner at the restaurant you’ve been dying to try and enjoy yourself. You’ve been studying hard, so you deserve it.

3. Set goals

Tell yourself you’ll study for an hour, then reward yourself. Whether it’s dinner, meeting up with friends or changing location, it’ll be a great way to clear your mind for your second round of studying (and going to the bar as your final reward). Set reasonable goals and reward yourself for your hard work.

4. Go outside

Get some fresh air. Even if it’s cold outside and you can only be out there for five minutes, it’s an excellent way to experience a change in location. Don’t bore yourself by sitting at a desk all day. Enjoy the outdoors and some fresh air.

5. Have a healthy snack

Naturally, it’s in our first instinct to grab the food that easiest to make (or take), so we often find ourselves snacking on Oreos, Doritos or whatever else we find sitting in the kitchen. Instead, take the time to make a healthy snack. That way, you’ll take a break and benefit yourself in the long run. According to an article by the Department of Health and Wellness, making healthy food choices and taking care of your health can improve performance and concentration. So, help yourself out in more than one way.

As finals week begins to tear our spirits down and make us lose all site of hope, remember: There are ways to make studying better. Don’t let a break become procrastination. Use it as a time to clear your mind and enjoy the opportunities you have at school (even if they lead you to the demise and overwhelming stress of finals week).


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