Twitter professionalized: Advice from interaction

Twitter chats have become more and more prominent in professional industries, especially as social media and multimedia are crucial to our everyday lives. They’re imperative for networking and marking yourself with professional identity, especially if in your field of expertise. So check out some of the Twitter chats I had with professionals about marketing, blogging and journalism.

#ConnectChat with @ProfNet and Jason Miles

This chat focuses on the importance of marketing via Instagram (and mentions some other social media as well).

#Bloggab with Patrick Phillips

This chat centered on the “perfect blog” and if it is actually achievable.

#wjchat with Eric Newton.

This chat’s conversation was based on journalism schools and how they can be rebooted.

As I’ve learned, it’s important to utilize Twitter chats to network and promote yourself (and your brand). Despite the fact that it seems like there are a limited number of Twitter chats, there are tons of Twitter chats that cover a wide variety of topics, from education to pet-owning. So get out there. Market yourself, make connections and grow your professional network.


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