Twitter professionalized: Advice from interaction

Twitter chats have become more and more prominent in professional industries, especially as social media and multimedia are crucial to our everyday lives. They’re imperative for networking and marking yourself with professional identity, especially if in your field of expertise. So check out some of the Twitter chats I had with professionals about marketing, blogging and journalism.

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Traveling and interning go hand-in-hand

Traveling out of state for a relatively long period time is a frightening thing (trust me, I know), but it’s definitely a great way to explore your opportunities and maybe even find the place you’d like to live for the rest of your life.

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Give up some free time: Improve your life and your resume

Although most people think community service won’t benefit them in the long run (unless you’re trying to do social work or whatever else), it’s something that’ll give you a step above most of your competition.

Why, you may ask?

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It’s that time of the year again

The most necessary of all college evils lies in the (borderline unfindable) Student Portal. Here, in coordination with the Ohio website, students spend hour upon hour trying to master the creation of the perfect class schedule.

But is this ever 100% possible before you reach your upperclassmen years?

It can be, as long as students are aware of their resources (and finally come to an understanding of those unnecessarily meticulous DARS reports). The best ways to do this? Here’s how to plan your ideal Spring Semester, free of substandard classes and taxing time constraints.

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Social media vs. rape culture: The real problem

As most of us know, the incident on Court Street caused quite a stir, both locally and nationally. However, now that the verdict is in, it’s hard to determine whether the issue at hand is a stigma of rape culture or communal destruction by social media.

….I’m going to go with the latter.

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The bricks have eyes

You’re being watched. And photographed. And publicized.

Every weekend, when you’re in the worst possible state. As your eyeliner streams down your eyes in a trashy trailer-park-like way, as you kiss and fondle that rando at The Crystal, as you trip over the Athens bricks of Court Street in your super-cute platform wedges that you got on sale for $10 at Forever 21. Yeah, they’re watching you. In fact, you’re about to be on @BobcatMakeOUts, so congratulations.

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