Braving the cold on a budget

While most underclassmen may not be able to utilize this advice immediately, it’s important to know how to brave the cold of Athens now that we’re on the semester system (which, coincidentally, is another thing that underclassmen don’t understand… I’m old). Anyway, it’s a tough life being a college student living paycheck by paycheck, especially with the ever increasing electric bill as the temperatures unfavorably drop.

But there are ways to save yourself some money and energy, some of which are all too simple.

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Mission Unshoppable

And no, I don’t mean grocery shopping. And I know guys need to shop too (and sometimes like it), so don’t play that off my male readers.

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Quirky dorm objects you can’t live without (or you just don’t want to)

We all have those strangely quirky objects that, for whatever odd reason, we know we can’t live without. There is no explanation for it, but we feel the indefinite need for these items on a daily basis. They help us cook, clean, work out and whatever other everyday circumstances we happen to find ourselves in. The following items are potential Christmas list material, and they certainly don’t fall short of that list of (semi) necessities we desperately need to survive (okay, I’m being dramatic. This is a serious First World Problem).

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Coping while home away from home

screen shot 1screen shot tweet 2

All joking (or not) aside, I miss my cat. And my dog. And my parents. Every day.

…and I’m a senior.

So it’s easy to understand that the transition from high school to college is exciting, but, nonetheless, comes with the baggage of homesickness, overwhelming anxiety and the perpetual need for a hot cup of herbal tea (or a cold beer).

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What sets you apart: Having the upper hand

What makes you so special as a student?

Is it your superb 4.0 GPA, your profound extra-curricular involvement or your simply altogether phenomenal communication skills? Yeah, that stuff’s all good and wonderful and all, but what sets you apart from the other uber-fantastic Renaissance men (and women) out there?

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Things you don’t realize you need… ’til you need them

I’ll tell you now- if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s forgetting things. From meetings to emails to clothes, I’ve pretty much experienced it all. That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of necessities that, well, simply put, you don’t realize you need… ’til you need them.

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