Best finals week study breaks (that aren’t Facebook or Twitter)

It’s no surprise that the majority of us that need a break from studying automatically check Facebook or Twitter (and happen to find ourselves immersed in a number of relatively worthless, yet entertaining posts for hours on end). Today, study “breaks” are becoming forms of procrastination more so than short mind-clearing activities. So, what better to take a break from staring at our notes, phones and computers than by suppressing ourselves from the media that consumes our lives anyway?

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Twitter professionalized: Advice from interaction

Twitter chats have become more and more prominent in professional industries, especially as social media and multimedia are crucial to our everyday lives. They’re imperative for networking and marking yourself with professional identity, especially if in your field of expertise. So check out some of the Twitter chats I had with professionals about marketing, blogging and journalism.

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Free lunch (that won’t require you to re-walk up Jeff Hill)

It’s impossibly difficult as a a student of any age to manage to fit time into our schedules for one thing: lunch. Okay, this is a bit dramatic, but still. Class ends, you go home and you have to re-walk (yes RE-WALK) up Jeff or Morton hill. To top it off, the frigid weather is setting in, and there’s almost nothing worse than walking outside for an extra unnecessary 20 minutes or so.

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Pets in college: Worth the trouble?

As an annoyingly avid pet lover, I’ve countlessly considered adopting a dog, buying a hamster or some other small animal and basically anything regarding cuddly companions. As my senior year is coming to its last semester, though, I’ve realized that not getting a pet (one that my parents would have objected to tenfold) was probably in my (and the pets) best interest.

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Battling the end of semester blues (and insane amounts of stress)

We’ve all been there (well except you, freshmen). The countless hours spent at the library, the searing pain in your eyes from staring at a textbook or computer screen all day long, and the burdensome stress accompanied by an overwhelming amount of final projects and tests. Finals week, my friends, is quickly approaching.

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Braving the cold on a budget

While most underclassmen may not be able to utilize this advice immediately, it’s important to know how to brave the cold of Athens now that we’re on the semester system (which, coincidentally, is another thing that underclassmen don’t understand… I’m old). Anyway, it’s a tough life being a college student living paycheck by paycheck, especially with the ever increasing electric bill as the temperatures unfavorably drop.

But there are ways to save yourself some money and energy, some of which are all too simple.

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Traveling and interning go hand-in-hand

Traveling out of state for a relatively long period time is a frightening thing (trust me, I know), but it’s definitely a great way to explore your opportunities and maybe even find the place you’d like to live for the rest of your life.

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Mission Unshoppable

And no, I don’t mean grocery shopping. And I know guys need to shop too (and sometimes like it), so don’t play that off my male readers.

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Give up some free time: Improve your life and your resume

Although most people think community service won’t benefit them in the long run (unless you’re trying to do social work or whatever else), it’s something that’ll give you a step above most of your competition.

Why, you may ask?

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