Free lunch (that won’t require you to re-walk up Jeff Hill)

It’s impossibly difficult as a a student of any age to manage to fit time into our schedules for one thing: lunch. Okay, this is a bit dramatic, but still. Class ends, you go home and you have to re-walk (yes RE-WALK) up Jeff or Morton hill. To top it off, the frigid weather is setting in, and there’s almost nothing worse than walking outside for an extra unnecessary 20 minutes or so.

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Free food: The epitome of college life

…or that just might be me.

But nonetheless, who doesn’t love free food? In fact, who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m a huge advocate for enjoying the little things in life, even (okay, especially) if they happen to be free… and edible.

But what’s the best strategy for finding this supposed free food? Trust me, there are tons of ways, from just keeping an eye out to keeping posted on social media.

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More bang for your buck

Jobless and need a place to take a cheap date? Or just craving a late night buzz (or total inebriation, that’s cool too, I guess)? Here’s how to get a little more bang for your buck (and maybe up your chance of getting Lucky’s… pun intended).

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