Free lunch (that won’t require you to re-walk up Jeff Hill)

It’s impossibly difficult as a a student of any age to manage to fit time into our schedules for one thing: lunch. Okay, this is a bit dramatic, but still. Class ends, you go home and you have to re-walk (yes RE-WALK) up Jeff or Morton hill. To top it off, the frigid weather is setting in, and there’s almost nothing worse than walking outside for an extra unnecessary 20 minutes or so.

Lucky for us, there are places that we can go to (almost every day of that week) that offer free meals and provide us with a way to branch out from being solely an OU community member to an Athens community member. And surprisingly enough, many of these free lunch opportunities are completely unheard of by most Ohio University students.

United Methodist Church on College Street offers free meals on Mondays from noon to 1 p.m. Also, the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd at the top of Morton Hill offers from lunch on Wednesdays beginning at noon. Finally, the United Campus Ministry on College Street offers free meals on both Thursdays and Saturdays (Thursday is dinner at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday is lunch at 1 p.m.).

So take the time to have some free food (because who doesn’t love free food?) and interact with other OU students and Athens residents. It’s a great way to also save some meals from your meal plan. That way, you can even donate your remaining meals at the markets. The donated items are sent to Good Works, an organization geared to help Athens residents that are struggling with poverty and homelessness.

This is the time to the free opportunities offered many selfless volunteers in the Athens and Ohio University community. Take advantage of these events and give back as they do. Pay it forward because this is one of the best times to do it (especially when your parents are paying for your meal plans).


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