Mission Unshoppable

And no, I don’t mean grocery shopping. And I know guys need to shop too (and sometimes like it), so don’t play that off my male readers.

Anyway, what’s the best way to get any shopping done around Athens? I know that, as underclassmen, it seems like finding places like Macy’s or Forever 21 in a 50 mile radius is borderline impossible.

Well, it’s not. Not if you explore some of the places around here without having a totally negative attitude.

The Athens mall, surprisingly has a store that offers pretty much anything that tickles your shopping fancy (unless you’re a New York City kind of shopper; in that case you’re hopeless in Athens and in, probably, most of Ohio).

Anyway, a store that has all of the necessities you’ll need this upcoming winter (scarves, gloves, hats, the whole she-bang), is Goody’s. I know, most of you haven’t heard of it and wouldn’t dare stepping foot in a generic store in an impoverished county, but this place has, quite surprisingly, a lot to offer (and the prices aren’t so bad either).

Fortunately, it’s on State Street, which is near enough for you to, er, walk or drive. Not to mention, they’ve got a (if you will) generic Dick’s Sporting Goods next door to Goody’s, called Dunham’s Sports, so you can take your beau with you without hearing incessant complaints about going shopping (even though you know he secretly likes it).

So never fear. Even if Athens doesn’t seem like it has the winter necessities you desperately need (“How was I supposed to know that I’d need my winter jacket before the semester ended??”), it’s got a few gems amidst the grocery stores, car garages and dive bars. And if you’re still not happy, enjoy the hour-long drive to Columbus. Or New York City. Whatever floats your boat.

For interesting places to shop Uptown, check out this article in The Athens News.


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