Free food: The epitome of college life

…or that just might be me.

But nonetheless, who doesn’t love free food? In fact, who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m a huge advocate for enjoying the little things in life, even (okay, especially) if they happen to be free… and edible.

But what’s the best strategy for finding this supposed free food? Trust me, there are tons of ways, from just keeping an eye out to keeping posted on social media.

First and foremost, though, drop the shy act. Put yourself out there and avoid your tendency to second guess yourself (Is this event open for everyone? Am I allowed to come here?). Don’t hesitate. If an event seems closed off, but is in a public place, chances are it’s open to you, too. You don’t need a personal invite to enjoy a university-wide event.

“When I was a freshman, I would always hesitate to go to these events, but now, as an upperclassman, I try to take advantage of all of them; if it’s free, it’s for me,” said Devon Pine, a junior studying Strategic Communication.

Next, follow some Twitter accounts. UPC, an organization aimed at providing university-wide events (which often, if not, always provide free snacks) is constantly tweeting about events and opportunities. The university is adamant about student involvement, inviting students to take advantage of opportunities like public speakers or visiting professionals.

(UPC’s most recent event, #FlavorOfTheWeek, features free food at Front Room in Baker every Wednesday. Each Wednesday features a themed flavor, like chocolate, caramel… or BACON.)

Finally, keep an eye out. There are ads cluttered around campus, whether it’s flyers, chalking, digital displays in Baker or just a passerby, you’re bound to know the buzz on campus.

So get some free snacks provided by the university. Save yourself a trip home and get your money’s worth here (even if it’s probably an accumulative $5). But hey, that’s up to you. You can come or not, ’cause the way I see it, if you don’t come, that means there’s more free food for me.


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