It’s that time of the year again

The most necessary of all college evils lies in the (borderline unfindable) Student Portal. Here, in coordination with the Ohio website, students spend hour upon hour trying to master the creation of the perfect class schedule.

But is this ever 100% possible before you reach your upperclassmen years?

It can be, as long as students are aware of their resources (and finally come to an understanding of those unnecessarily meticulous DARS reports). The best ways to do this? Here’s how to plan your ideal Spring Semester, free of substandard classes and taxing time constraints.

1. Get to know your advisor

Not only are you making a connection, but you’re utilizing some of the most important people in your college career. Advisors basically help you map out your semester, providing you with advice, potential opportunities (like internships and scholarships) and a better understanding of your DARS. Even if your registration is unlocked without a required advisor meeting, it’s a great way to find out your requirements and familiarize yourself with staff in your college.

2. Use Rate my Professor

Basically a guide to the best and worst professors at the university (according to students), Rate my Professor is a fantastic way to find what classes to take based on the professors teaching the courses. Ratings include overall quality, helpfulness, clarity, easiness and, luckily for students, a “hotness” factor.

3. Utilize other students

There are more than enough ways to ask your fellow peers what classes are worth taking. From asking friends to colleagues in your college to Facebook groups, it’s a perfect way to determine easy A courses and the classes that are actually worth your time.


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