Quirky dorm objects you can’t live without (or you just don’t want to)

We all have those strangely quirky objects that, for whatever odd reason, we know we can’t live without. There is no explanation for it, but we feel the indefinite need for these items on a daily basis. They help us cook, clean, work out and whatever other everyday circumstances we happen to find ourselves in. The following items are potential Christmas list material, and they certainly don’t fall short of that list of (semi) necessities we desperately need to survive (okay, I’m being dramatic. This is a serious First World Problem).

1. The iShower

It’s a tiring struggle to be constantly bringing your music dock in and out of the bathroom every time you need to shower. It’s an even bigger hassle not being able to control the music while you’re in the shower, fearing that a mere drop of water may damage the your most precious iPhone. Fortunately, the iShower eliminates all of these (umm..troubling?) issues and let’s you shower in the comfort of your favorite tunes.

2. A Keurig

Half of the struggle in our everyday lives is just being tired, in general. The Keurig is an awesome way to combat your bouts of exhaustion and make your mornings a little bit better than you expected. Not to mention, the Keurig is capable of making coffee, tea and a number of other assorted beverages that lie beyond the realms of caffeinated drinks.

3. Mini Toaster Oven

Okay, I’m not an advocate for promoting “illegal” actions, like toaster ovens in dorms, but they’ll cook just about anything. Need to rewarm your Shively sub (without all that soggy bun residue hanging on the edges)? Done. Want to have a reheat your Thanksgiving dinner (once again, without that uncomfortable sogginess dripping all over the place)? Done. And the best part? It’s mini, which makes it perfect for hiding during those pain in the a** semesterly RA room checks.

Check out some more ways to tech-out your dorm next semester:


(Okay, this one’s a bit expensive. I guess it’s for the finer tastes in Athens.)


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