Making connections

Scared you won’t get a job when you graduate?

Sure, it’s a problem that most people have- even as freshmen it’s hard to speculate having a real job. Even getting a real job and leaving Athens is almost unimaginable.

But there are ways to take advantage of our time at OU and be fully prepared to get a job (and maybe even have one set up before graduation). And if there’s anything more important than making friends while at school, it’s making connections. Our so-called “Bobcat Network” is what keeps our community so strong and, more importantly, so successful.

Why, you may ask? It helps us with our careers.

There are many ways and (as weird as it sounds) strategies to help connect with alumni. Fortunately, though, Bobcats around the globe are constantly helping each other, whether its recommendation letters or job recommendations. It’s like an unsaid bond exists between people that go to this school, whether you’ve met or not. But it’s also helpful to establish relationships with upperclassmen while you have the opportunity. Not only are they going to give you a place to party, but you’re also going to benefit career-wise, and this benefit is significant. Colin Pacelli, a senior studying Strategic Communications, recently got a friend of his a job at his internship in New York City.

“It was basic networking. I heard there was a job opportunity available and knew Steph was definitely qualified. It was as simple as her sending her resume, then dishing it off to the right person. One thing led to another, and she was hired,” said Pacelli.

Even if your friends don’t have the same major as you, OU provides students with direct ways to connect with these people, especially when students are in need of a mentor.

As an underclassmen, it’s imperative to start making these connections now. Be resourceful because you’ll be thanking yourself in the long run. And your fellow Bobcat connections.


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