Traveling the wOUrld

Traveling and school go hand in hand at Ohio University, and what’s better than (well, besides possibly forking over your life savings) taking advantage of both while in college?

The answer is nothing.

Now is the time to travel- when you (in the wide scheme of things) have little commitments, time and a passport just waiting to be scanned at the borders. And fortunately, the OU Study Abroad programs have enough options to satisfy your culturally starved appetite.

The programs are offered both for major-specific and non major-specific requirements, which make it awesomely flexible and specialized. Each college within the university offers specific programs as well, some of which are (quite literally) once in a lifetime experiences, such as the Scripps School of Journalism’s study abroad program to London to cover the Summer Olympics.

“Having the opportunity to travel to London and cover the Olympics is not something that many undergrad journalism students can put on their resume,” said Kerry Crump, a junior studying Strategic Communications. “Studying abroad has opened doors for my career that otherwise could not have been reached, and also gave me invaluable life-changing experiences.”

Other incredible programs include the Scripps School of Journalism’s trip to Rio to cover the World Cup, the College of Businesses’ summer programs to London and Brazil and the Patton College of Education’s program to study in Africa.

Not to mention, traveling opportunities are offered through a number of on-campus organizations, including the Snowcats, our ski and snowboarding club. Each year, the club travels across the nation to ride the slopes, including places like Park City, Utah and Copper Mountain, Colorado.

“The Snowcats trips are a great way to break out of your comfort zone. You get to travel across the country, learn how to ski or snowboard on an actual mountain, and meet tons of new, fun people,” said Ashley Gilkerson, president of the Snowcats and a senior studying Journalism.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of life as a college student, but it’s also (I know, this is extremely cliche) the best time of your lives, so make it just that. So pack your bags, because whether it’s a plane ride, boat ride, or trip down the slopes, it’s going to be a wild one.


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