A HallOUween necessity

It seems silly to even think about making a post like this, but real talk, the underclassmen (mainly girls) need to know why wearing a jacket is essential on HallOUween weekend. There are not enough ways to express my detestation for cold weather and, more so, people that choose to dress in scandalous clad during the winter (or in this case, pseudo-fall) season, which is why I’ve compiled a list that’ll make even the most promiscuous of people come to terms with their inner celibates.

1. You’ll be absolutely freezing

It’s important to plan appropriately for HallOUween, and doing so involves checking the weather to avoid serious numbness and potential frostbite. According to the Weather Channel, the forecast for Saturday night is 31 degrees, which isn’t so appealing for those of you planning on dressing as slutty cops or belly dancers. Not to mention, the constant complaints of walking in cold weather jacket-less is far from pleasing to the people around you.

“It’s not important to me at all now [how I’ve looked on Halloween], the past two years (this year included). I have had what I thought to be really creative costumes and have been so warm and looked cool. I found that better than freezing my butt off. I get it; your first year you’re on your own and want to be fun and hot, but it’s not worth the potential frostbite,” said Elyse Whitehouse, a senior studying Psychology.

2. Slutty is (generally) not creative

As stated above, being creative can mean being warm, saving money and looking awesome, as opposed to spending $50 on some generic costume made with minimal fabric and cheap materials.

“It’s not original to be a sexy cop when there are about 100 of them, rather than being something really creative that there are no duplicates of,” added Whitehouse.

Take this as an opportunity to exploit your creative genius. If you’re costume is brilliant enough, you could win the block party’s costume contest or D.P. Dough’s annual Halloween costume contest (Who doesn’t love free food?). Be memorable… and not completely ashamed to show your parents pictures of your Halloween costume.

3. Large crowds and close confines can equal a lot of uncomfortable touching

Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it’s never enjoyable to be pushed, touched and shoved by large swarms of people who could care less about your destination. And this is why your jacket is imperative: to protect you from those intentional grabs from the weirdos who think you won’t notice. Crowds are the perfect excuse to get up close and personal, even if that’s not what you want. Unfortunately, though, it’s something everyone must deal with at the block party, and it’s best to protect yourself by all means possible, especially when a block party-turned-fight is the last thing Court Street needs.

In other words, don’t encourage something that you don’t want to be happening. It’s not worth it to feel uncomfortable, cold or unoriginal when all you needed was a nice jacket.


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