The best times you’ll ever have

Homecoming at Ohio University is like Christmas for most alumni. It’s the weekend to return, reminisce and relive the days where they could drink copious amounts of alcohol without sleep and somehow still manage to function with a semi-respectable demeanor (and I say “semi-respectable” very lightly).

But it’s more than that to the alumni that return: It’s walking on the bricks of Court Street, dancing to a Marching 110 performance and eating a Big Mamma’s burrito. It’s tasting a home-brewed beer from Jackie O’s, people watching in Baker Center and hanging out with the people you lived with in Dirty South freshman year. It’s a place that holds more memories than the beer that is poured, and it’s not something to take for granted because, believe me, you’ll miss it. These alumni do.

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As the legends have passed before you, take advantage of OU’s many marvels- from chasing the strangely fearless squirrels to the classes that you’re practically falling asleep in (I hear going to class is better than going to work, but who knows?). Enjoy the nature of Athens, go on a Shuffle and enjoy the alcohol tolerance that will quickly fade after you graduate. Take the advice of your predecessors and enjoy everything it has to offer, even if it might just be taking a break from Chipotle and trying some unique Athens dining. Be willing to try something new, even if it means skipping a night of drinking for Relay for Life. It’s depressing, but true: the experiences here are some that you will never be able to enjoy outside of Athens.

You have four years, so make them most of them. The only remnants left behind from your experience should be the memories of your drunken nights, the time you fell in your high heels on the Athens bricks and the friends you’ll surely keep post-college. You’ll need them for your bachelor/ bachelorette party in Athens, guaranteed.

And take some advice from these graduating students/ alumnus. They’ll be sure to help you make the most of your college adventure and enjoy everything this campus has to offer.


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