OUr community exposed

When asked, most people would say Ohio University is the absolute best school in the world. Yeah, a top party school in the nation… What’s not to like?

Well, there are a few things.

In light of the incident on Court Street this past homecoming weekend, along with a number of other “incidents” repeatedly coming up, it’s time to discuss the future of our “tight-knit” community. It seems like we’ve become so caught up with partying, getting the most retweets on Twitter and boosting our own reputations that we’ve forgotten what this school is about: community.

When asked why I decided to go to Ohio University four years ago, I couldn’t stop raving about the amiability and genuine kindness of the students: everyone was willing to give directions, advice or just invite me to go out, even if they barely knew me. They told me about the glories of Big Mamma’s, Stroud’s Run and a number of other Athens treasures that make this place so unique. I felt at home, which is, I’m sure, how many of you felt when you first decided to make this your second home.

But the fact that no one stepped in to help the woman being exposed outside of Chase Bank last Saturday night is downright disturbing. People recording videos, posting on social media and laughing it off was 100% unacceptable (and totally not us).

And I’m not trying to over-exhaust the sexual assault/ rape culture issue that keeps reverberating throughout social media. I’m trying to emphasize that, at this point, our “awesome” school has gained national attention as one with students that would be “filming the attack instead of alerting authorities.”

As the newest generation of OU students, it’s your job to help reverse this reputation for generations to come. Show your pride by showing some concern for your classmates because that’s what we’ve always been about. Let’s not continue to taint our reputation with the ever-occurring incidents of humiliation, assault and carelessness. We are a community, and we must repair the damage so that other students can feel as welcome and at-home as we’ve felt.


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