The bricks have eyes

You’re being watched. And photographed. And publicized.

Every weekend, when you’re in the worst possible state. As your eyeliner streams down your eyes in a trashy trailer-park-like way, as you kiss and fondle that rando at The Crystal, as you trip over the Athens bricks of Court Street in your super-cute platform wedges that you got on sale for $10 at Forever 21. Yeah, they’re watching you. In fact, you’re about to be on @BobcatMakeOUts, so congratulations.

But this 10 seconds of social media fame (and perhaps a few laughs from your friends) could be worth some long-lasting repercussions.

On a short-term scale, it might reveal your that your pseudo-perfect boyfriend status isn’t that real after all, affirming your actual status as a cheater and, thus, putting a halt on your future college relationships (’cause who would want to date someone like that?)

But on a more serious scale, your drunk alter-ego may make a public appearance on the Twitter-sphere, and that means it’s visible to potential future employers.

“I wouldn’t want to be on one of those accounts because, God forbid, a future employer would see it and I could lose a job opportunity because of a stupid mistake I made when I was 19,” said Devon Pine, a junior studying Strategic Communications.

According to an article in C Net, a report by On Device Research states that “One in 10 people between ages 16 and 34 have been turned down for a new job because of photos or comments on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites.”

And this means your personal account as well. If it’s not protected, inappropriate comments and pictures can amount to a “Please apply again next year…” email from your dream job.

But how are you going to save yourself from, well, your drunk self? It’s easy. Send your tweets to some of the OU accounts meant to maintain privacy, such as @OU_Confessions or @OUCrushes. That way, you can publicize your questionably “funny” drunk comments, promiscuous confessions or ongoing rants without damaging your reputation.

“I think Confessions is important for the OU community because it gives people the opportunity to reveal their secrets and their opinions without direct repercussions,” said the @OU_Confessions creator. “People can submit comments and they’re posted on Twitter and no one knows who truly posts them, unless it’s super specific. People can confess anything and, even if i doesn’t get posted, I think for some people it still feels good to anonymously get it off their chests.”

Essentially, they are the gateway to your secretive genius, allowing you to go far beyond the limits of inappropriateness and go as far as releasing your borderline blackout alter-ego without a care in the world. Or, in other cases, release your inner sex god (or goddess).

…But in most cases, (quite frequently) reveal your unhealthy levels of intoxication and weekend drug habit (which I’m hoping isn’t the case for you).

Photos speak louder than words in a little town like this, and you better recognize that the bricks have eyes. And they’re watching you.

Well, unless you’re posting a picture like this.


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