Things you don’t realize you need… ’til you need them

I’ll tell you now- if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s forgetting things. From meetings to emails to clothes, I’ve pretty much experienced it all. That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of necessities that, well, simply put, you don’t realize you need… ’til you need them.

3. Ethernet cable

There’s probably nothing more frustrating than playing your best game (ever) of Robot Unicorn Attack and simultaneously losing your internet connection. As you might know by now, the dorms at OU are notorious for losing connection or, worse, not being able to connect at all.

“Several college campuses [including OU] have reported that their wifi networks have crashed today and were likely affected by mass downloads of Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system,” stated an article in Business Insider.

And in light of this new update, purchasing or renting an ethernet cable from the Tech Depot may be a necessary evil.

2. Rain jacket/ Rain boots

If you’re a freshman reading this, you haven’t experienced Spring in Athens, and Spring in Athens is very… wet. I highly advise you to purchase one or both of these items, as an umbrella will not entirely protect you from the copious puddles, slanting downpours or muddy terrain that the (nearly) daily rain showers will ensue upon you.

1. Some upperclassmen friends

Before you chastise my seemingly ignorant comment, think about this: Where are you going to go this weekend? And for all of you who answered “bars,” ask yourself: Where will I go when my fake ID gets taken away? More importantly, null over this: Who is going to give you advice about your major, mentor you, or even recommend you for a job? This is the time to utilize the upperclassmen- we will be more helpful to you come graduation time (ugh, 2017?) than you know it.


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